For a vital future

A vital future is valuable. With Livemobility you manage your mobility policies and carbon emissions from travelling. Through insight into travel movements and emissions, vital improvements for complex organisations are within reach. Together we are smart with data and practical supporting solutions.

Why Livemobility

With many small steps together, we make great progress!

Kudos to everyone. Our software solutions manages sustainable improvements. Alternatives to current travel methods meet the needs of employees and the general traffic and net congestion. Vital colleagues contribute to a vital environment.

Understands mobility questions

Our software provides data-driven analyzes, insight and overview.

Saves budget/time with automation

Automate your mobility policy, which pays for itself.

Manages carbon emissions

Reduce total carbon emissions and contribute to a vital environment.

Prioritizes vitality

Support active travel and a good work-life balance, create valuable employership

Optimizes energy congestion

Reward charging to optimal energy congestion and reduces overall energy demand

Our solution

We move you forward

Start managing carbon emissions. The platform encourages green travel choices. We automatically detect and report travel movements, travel methods and compensations. Together we ensure optimal traffic and network congestion at the lowest carbon emissions. Read more about our solutions.

Vital mobility

Encourage employees to travel climate-consciously. Take sustainable mobility to a higher level.

Commuting travel

Smartly manage your commute carbon emissions. Attractive compensations for green choices are part of a vital mobility plan.

Business travel

Save time by automating and reporting all carbon emissions from travel methods for commuting and business travel.

Vital Charging

Optimize energy congestion and reduce overall energy demand.

With data a vital mobility plan

With data a vital mobility plan

Data contributes to intelligence. It brings you a visual insight and overview into the carbon emissions for potential travel movements and methods. And the local impact on the traffic network.

In the background Livemobility sets the stage for improvements. Travel methods, compensations and carbon emissions are automatically reported and new data insights are obtained daily.

Managing and decision making is easy with accurate data. A vital mobility policy within your reach through intelligent software.

Easy Start

Livemobility mobile app

  • Smart detection of travel method

  • Automatic travel reporting

  • Automatic travel reporting

  • CO2 reporting

  • Helpdesk

  • Multi language

Admin Panel

  • Overview dashboard

  • Trip payment management

  • Employee management

  • Mobility bonus

  • Communication through notifications

  • Premium support

  • Multi language

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Easy Basic

Everything in Easy Start

Admin Panel

  • Smart dashboard

  • Departments split

  • Flexible mobility bonus

  • Advanced Policy rules

  • Trip overview

  • Targeted notifications

  • Premium support

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Easy pro

Everything in basic

API Integrations with

  • HR software

  • MaaS

Periodic consultancy support

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