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Complex organizations require advanced automation
As the complexity of travel expense reimbursements increases due to a mix of transportation methods and different reimbursements per destination per employee, advanced automation is invaluable in handling the entire administration.

Automatic travel expense reports available for everyone

Whether you travel by foot, bicycle, car, or public transportation, the trip, travel expenses, travel time, vitality, and CO₂ emissions are automatically recorded in the app. The only thing the employee needs to do is approve the automatic expense declaration. All trips then appear in a clear dashboard, allowing you to be ready at a glance.

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Begin your automated travel administration today with Livemobility and experience its impact tomorrow. It saves precious time that directly benefits the customer. Simplify your administration and enjoy the benefits of advanced automation.

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Livemobility mobile app

  • Smart detection of travel method

  • Automatic travel reporting

  • Automatic travel reporting

  • CO2 reporting

  • Helpdesk

  • Multi language

Admin Panel

  • Overview dashboard

  • Trip payment management

  • Employee management

  • Mobility bonus

  • Communication through notifications

  • Premium support

  • Multi language

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Admin Panel

  • Smart dashboard

  • Departments split

  • Flexible mobility bonus

  • Advanced Policy rules

  • Trip overview

  • Targeted notifications

  • Premium support

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API Integrations with

  • HR software

  • MaaS

Periodic consultancy support

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