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Starting with Vital mobility is the basic

The basis of a sustainable mobility policy and reducing CO2 emissions is simple. Starting with a vital mobility policy and reducing CO2 emissions is easy with our Easy Basic package. With this solution, you can effortlessly automate the travel and CO2 emission administration of all your employees, whether it's commuting or business trips.

Our intelligent Livemobility app automatically recognizes each employee's travel method and fully complies with European privacy regulations, ensuring peace of mind regarding data protection.

The Easy Basic package offers various settings and configurations for reimbursements that align with your desired mobility policy, depending on the destination and travel method. Utilizing the HR Livemobility dashboard+, you can easily manage payment overviews, gain insights into your employees' travel behavior, and handle travel expense reimbursements.

What does the Easy Basic package offer:

Livemobility app for employees:

  • Automatic detection of travel and travel method.
  • Easy approval and declaration of the trip by the employee.
  • Generating a clear cost overview.
  • Option to set detection times both in advance and immediately.
  • Calculation of CO2 emissions.
  • Customer service via phone and email.
  • Privacy law compliant: no live tracking or real-time options for the employer.

HR GoedeReis Dashboard:

  • Clear dashboard for a comprehensive view of mobility data.
  • Easy management of reimbursements and payment of expenses.
  • Quick addition or modification of users and employees.
  • Allocation of Mobility bonuses for extra incentives.
  • Advanced push notifications for important updates.
  • Insights into CO2 emission totals and improvement potential.
  • Premium support via phone, email, and meetings.
  • Multilingual capabilities for international organizations.
  • Complies with the reporting obligation for work-related personnel mobility (WPM).


  • Setting policies for commuting and business trips per department and job group.
  • Flexible mobility bonus options.
  • Differentiation in reimbursements per mode of transport.
  • Overview of all trips made.
  • Import and export functionalities.

In summary, with the Easy Basic package, you get everything you need to effortlessly initiate a vital and sustainable mobility policy while reducing CO2 emissions. Take advantage of our user-friendly and privacy-conscious solutions to steer your company in the right direction.

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