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Starting with a sustainable mobility policy and reducing CO2 emissions has never been easier

With the Easy Start package, you can effortlessly automate the travel and CO2 emission administration for every employee, whether it's commuting or business trips.

The intelligent GoedeReis mobility app automatically recognizes the travel method, and rest assured, it fully complies with European privacy regulations, ensuring the privacy of employees.

The Easy Start package offers various reimbursement options, depending on the destination and chosen travel method, perfectly aligned with your desired mobility policy.

The HR mobility dashboard makes managing payment overviews, insights into travel behavior, and travel expense reimbursements a breeze.

What does the Easy Start package include?

Livemobility mobility app for employees:

  • Automatically detects the travel and travel method.
  • Facilitates quick approval of travel claims by employees.
  • Generates clear cost overviews for all trips.
  • Allows for pre-set and immediate detection times.
  • Calculates CO2 emissions for each journey.
  • Provides a dedicated helpdesk reachable via phone and email.
  • Ensures compliance with privacy laws, with no live tracking or real-time options for the employer.

HR mobility dashboard:

  • Offers a clear dashboard for easy mobility data insights.
  • Manages reimbursements and payments of claims efficiently.
  • Allows for simple addition or modification of users and employees.
  • Offers Mobility Bonuses for additional incentives.
  • Sends advanced push notifications for important updates.
  • Provides premium support via phone, email, and meetings.
  • Multilingual capabilities for international organizations.

Choose the Easy Start package and transform your company's mobility policy effortlessly. Reduce CO2 emissions and make a positive impact on the environment while streamlining and optimizing travel for your employees. Contact us today to discover how our Easy Start package can lead your organization towards a more sustainable future.

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