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The mission for sustainability and vitality

We work towards collaborations for lower carbon emissions. Solving major challenges for society with software development. Support individual mobility choices towards sustainable action by providing insight. We dream every day of a vital earth that recharges.

Practice what we preach

That's why we continuously improve our software to become vital with each other. If we can make impact one day, we can do it every day.

Our team of developers and consultants makes us decisive. They enable us to offer organizational solutions for complex mobility policies. And as much as we love live, we also love mobility. From walking, cycling, pedal assistance, mopeds, city cars to racing cars, big trains and planes. We all love them, that's why we are Livemobility.

Change is a bit complicated.

Improving is a lot easier and feels good, everyone fits into that DNA! Livemobility is growing fast with the numbers of users and the organizations that join us. They practice what they preach, just like us.

Satisfied day one users and organizations

85 companies in Haarlem city, Bal Seal Engineering, Gelderland, KMWE manufacturing, Summa College, Cordaan care provider, Terberg

Now we have told you. What's your DNA?