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For small and medium sized enterprises

Eevery’s team is entirely focused on SMEs and the entrepreneurs behind them. Recognizing SMEs as the backbone of the economy, Eevery believes that they should not be overlooked or forgotten in the realm of sustainability. SMEs are responsible for a noteworthy portion of CO2 emissions. Therefore it is important that each company, regardless of size, contributes to reducing their CO2 emissions.

The platform is developed from SMEs for SMEs. Through the three steps: measuring, improving, and communicating sustainability, Eevery helps with facilitating tangible sustainability improvements. The CO2 Calculator plays a vital role in these three steps. Reducing CO2 emissions is an important part of the Climate Agreement and therefore high on everyone's agenda. In order to create an action plan to reduce your CO2 emissions, knowing your company’s emissions and environmental footprint is an initial step. This is something that Eevery helps you with, and does so through their CO2 calculator. This involves mapping emissions through current emission factors, academic publications, international statistics and scientific estimates, providing a comprehensive overview of your CO2 emissions. In addition, the calculator also provides a further breakdown by business category and relevant, quantifiable KPIs. These results can be used to draw up your CO2 reduction plan and set reduction targets. Thereby save time and money in future-proofing your business.

Following the CO2 calculation, the collaboration with us at Livemobility is a natural next step in the process. We offer to help you with managing your mobility policies and map out CO2 reduction. By providing insight into travel movements and its emissions, it enables concrete improvements to be implemented.

In turn, Eevery offer the customers of Livemobility a complete CO2 measurement that includes mobility. As the final stage, Eevery provide the post-CO2 measurement process, a complete sustainability strategy for your company. Sustainability is something we achieve together. Be a part of the solution to mitigate climate change.

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