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Unlocking Climate Benefits, Time Savings, and Cost Efficiency through CO2 Reduction Opportunities

From july 2024 onwards, employers are required to annually prepare reports on employee mobility; commuting and business travel. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, mobility policies also offer benefits in terms of time and cost savings. The following aspects are included in these reports: the number of kilometers traveled, modes of transportation used, and types of fuels utilized.

The regulatory for work-related personnel mobility strives to achieve positive climate effects. Furthermore, this framework provides employers with opportunities to implement sustainable and vital mobility policies.

The GoedeReis HR dashboard and app automate travel administration, track transportation methods used, and monitor fuel consumption and emissions. This significantly reduces the administrative burden on both employees and employers, starting from the first month. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the monthly time and cost savings continue to increase.

But that's not all. With complete automation using the GoedeReis HR dashboard and app, it becomes possible to implement tailored, ambitious, or even pilot mobility policies for each department.

Benefits of this regulatory include:

  • Direct insight into CO2 reduction possibilities.
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of CO2 reduction measures.
  • Time and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of time and cost-saving measures.
  • Possibilities for promoting health.
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of health-promoting measures.
  • Opportunities to enhance the employer's attractiveness.

With the GoedeReis HR dashboard and app, we offer a comprehensive and automated approach to reporting and optimizing work-related employee mobility, providing various benefits for employers, employees, and the environment. Contact us to discuss the possibilities and implement a sustainable mobility policy.

Seamlessly Aligning Climate, Employer, and Employee Benefits