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The healthcare sector faces a significant administrative burden and daily regulatory pressure, leading to disappointment among healthcare workers. This has resulted in a shortage of personnel as professionals leave the sector.

Why should we expect every employee to possess the same level of digital skills?

The process of submitting travel declarations imposes a time-consuming digital skills requirement on all healthcare workers, despite variations within the sector and disparities in digital skills training.

To address this issue, Livemobility has collaborated with healthcare organizations to enhance the GoedeReis app, specifically catering to the sector's unique needs. The app offers easy access to a helpful helpdesk and enables employees to save 90% of their time during the expense claim process. Moreover, the travel statements provide valuable insights for organizations to analyze their mobility policy.

Care organizations that have a vital, practical, and accessible mobility plan become more appealing to employees.

To foster sustainability in mobility policy, the HR Management Dashboard provides various options for frameworks, incentives, (tax) remuneration, and management.

Through these initiatives, we make monthly contributions towards reducing the workload of healthcare employees.

Don't let digital skills become a problem either