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Conscious sustainable driving behavior is not only economically interesting, it saves valuable resources and reduces CO2 emissions.

The high fuel costs have been pointed out in logistics for many years. This represents a substantial part of the operational costs. Despite this attention and many technological innovations in trucks, fuel consumption is not falling enough to achieve the climate goals.

Through EcoTrucker, DKV gives customers the opportunity to strengthen the call for lower fuel consumption by rewarding drivers for sustainable driving behaviour. For this purpose, EcoTrucker has been developed on TomTom in collaboration with Livemobility. This TomTom provides immediate insight into the score of your own driving behaviour. By making sustainable driving measurable and simple, a fuel saving of 20% is possible. Nice fact: the best truck drivers are able to help each other with sustainable driving behaviour.

The integrations for Eco Trucker were awarded the IL LOGISTICO DELL'ANNO category for Sustainability and Environment in November 2019.

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